Best hotel supplies and equipment in Hawaii

A hotel supply company in Hawaii has been accused of illegally selling hotel supplies on Craigslist.

In a complaint filed in Hawaii’s Supreme Court, the Hawaii Hotel Supply Association (HLSA) alleged the company violated Hawaii’s online marketplace rules by making unauthorized sales.HLSAs chief executive officer John D. D’Orazio says the company was not selling supplies, but rather was selling a service.

The complaint filed against HLSA says the retailer was selling hotel-supply inventory through the site for $10.25 an hour.

Davenport, the company’s lawyer, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that the price was fair because it was not listed on the site as being sold by HLSAs inventory.

Davenport said he has been contacted by a number of customers in the past two weeks who were told they could get $100 or more for an entire shipment of supplies.

D’Orso says the allegations are without merit and the HLS Association will defend itself vigorously.

Dave Estrada, a partner with law firm Gannett, said he was contacted by two customers in December who paid $250 for a shipment of hotel supplies.

Estradas lawyers are looking into the matter.

In its complaint, HLSAS said the company failed to pay any GST and VAT on the sales of supplies to clients.

Davison said he cannot comment on pending litigation.

He said he could not comment on any legal proceedings because the HSSA is not represented by a lawyer.

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