Hotels Supply Direct is set to take over hotels supply direct brand and its website from online retailer

Hotels supply direct is set a new course for the global hotel supply chain.

The company, which owns the online hotel supply retailer hotelsDirect, said it will buy hotel toothpaste and toothpaste dispensers and supply toothpaste, toothpaste gel and toothbrush packs from online retailers.

It will also buy toothpaste powder, toothpastes and toothpasta dispensers, toothbrush chargers, dental floss, tooth paste, toothbrushes, tooth polish, toothcreams, tooth brushes, tooth and gums, tooth lubes, tooth cleaning kits and tooth paste.

Hotels supply chain chief executive Mark Wessels said: “The future of supply chain management is online.

Our aim is to take our business to the next level, to take it to the mass market and beyond.”

Hotels Direct is a leading global supplier of hotel supply products including hotel toothpastors, tooth-care products, tooth gel, tooth floss and toothbrushing products.

It has over 1,400 stores in Australia and more than 20,000 hotel guests and is one of the largest online retailing companies in the world.

Hotel supply chain, which is set up by Wessel, has also invested in a number of Australian online retailers including Hotel Direct, Hotel Coupon, Hotel Me, Hotel Home, Hotel One Source, Hotel Two Source, Rooms to Bed and more.

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