How to buy the latest hotel supplies from the UAE

Riyadh: Hotel supply companies and hotel supply websites are still struggling to compete with the massive market demand for luxury hotels in the Middle East, according to a new report.

The UAE is a huge market for luxury hotel products, with hotel operators and hotels seeking to keep up with the demand by adding new products to their list of hotel brands, according Toorak hotel supplies.

Toorak has grown from a one-person operation to an annual operation with over 20,000 guests at its flagship hotel, which is also a major tourist attraction in the capital.

It has also attracted interest from hotel owners and hotel suppliers.

While the market for hotel supplies is already dominated by Western brands, the UAE is becoming increasingly dependent on Chinese, South Korean and Indian brands.

The country’s tourism industry is in desperate need of new products, and hotel supplies companies are still trying to make the most of this, according Ahmed al-Khalifa, director of hotel supply consultancy Tooraks hotel supply.

“The demand for hotel products is still huge, with more than 30 million people visiting Dubai every year,” said Khalifa.

“With a limited supply of the products being produced in the UAE, and only a handful of hotel suppliers producing the hotel supply for the country, the industry needs to be re-oriented.”

Tooraks luxury hotel supply manager, Anas Al-Duhayeh, said the company is working with hotel brands to help boost the demand for hotels in Dubai, while maintaining the existing brand.

“We are helping hotel suppliers and hotel owners to create the right products that can compete with hotels in other markets,” he said.

“Hotel supply in Dubai is still a small part of the hotel industry.

We want to continue to grow this sector.”

Hotel companies need to be more proactive in their hotel supply marketing, which includes branding their products with UAE and other brands, said al-Dumayeh.

To be successful in the market, hotel supply companies need marketing that focuses on how hotel products are sourced, the product’s performance and customer service, he said, adding that hotels can use this as an opportunity to boost their brand image.

Hotel supplies companies need products that have good value for money, and that have the potential to be a win-win for both the hotel and the customer, said Al-Khumali.

Hotels can then invest in marketing the hotel brands and the hotel companies can reinvest the money in the hotel, he added.