How to make your own bed and breakfast in just 10 minutes

If you’re a hotel guest, you’re in luck: you can make your home’s beds and baths from scratch.

A new blog post by BuzzFeed News explains how to build your own beds from a simple, inexpensive toolkit of items you’ll likely already have lying around your house.

Here are the basics: You’ll need a small amount of wood, a metal scraper, and a couple of sheet metal nails.

You can use a hobby or two of scrap metal and metal nails, or just some leftover scrap metal from your dining room.

(There’s a great DIY video tutorial for building your own custom kitchen and dining room furniture.)

Next, you’ll need some fabric, a knife and a pair of scissors.

You might also want to use a pair to cut the foam insulation from your walls, but you’ll want to make sure it’s strong enough to withstand some rough handling.

You’ll also want some sheets of plastic, which can be cut into shapes like square shapes, circles, or triangles.

Here’s what you’ll use for your foam insulation: Plastic sheets: The first step is to get some foam insulation, as well as some scrap metal to cut it into smaller pieces.

You’re going to use this foam to make a couple square foam-core pieces.

Use the scraps to cut a piece of foam insulation that will fit around your square foam core.

For each piece of cardboard you’ll be using, cut two squares from the scraps.

Put them side by side.

Make sure each piece fits into its own square piece, as opposed to sitting next to one another.

You want each piece to be evenly spaced and not overlapping.

You could also try using cardboard for the cardboard squares.

You don’t need to cut through all of the cardboard, but be sure to keep the pieces from touching each other.

You may need to use two cardboard squares to get everything cut out perfectly.

Cut out the squares with a knife.

Cut the pieces into two, even pieces.

Make three squares of the foam.

This will be the same amount of foam that you cut out, but the square pieces will be thicker, so you won’t need as many cuts.

You also need a couple scrap pieces of cardboard that will go into the foam core piece.

Cut each piece into a square, as shown in the picture.

Now, the foam pieces you’re using are going to be the pieces that you’re going up against the next step.

Cut a square of cardboard, as pictured.

These squares are going on the inside of the square foam piece, so they’ll be the ones that you’ll actually be cutting into.

Cut two more squares of cardboard into the same square.

Make a circle out of the two square pieces you cut.

Place one piece of the circle on the foam piece and then place the other square piece over the top of the hole.

Cut it out into a triangle.

You now have two square foam pieces.

Cut your cardboard pieces into triangles.

Cut some more cardboard out of each triangle, as the photo shows.

Make some triangle squares, as in the photo.

These triangles will be your first and last pieces.

Fold the triangle squares together, as you see in the video, to form a square foam, as seen in the image below.

Now you have a rectangle of cardboard.

Fold it over the foam square, forming a square.

Fold over the cardboard rectangle, forming an even rectangle.

You have a square that you can cut, cut, and fold to form your bed, as a guide.

It’s easy to make this kind of bed from scratch, so it’s best to start small.

After all, the best bed is one that’s easy and cheap to build.

You will need: a metal scrap knife, a scrap iron, and some scrap cardboard.

If you want to cut something else out, you could use a sharp blade.

If your scrap iron has a handle, a ruler, or a sharp tool, you can use that.

The scraper is also handy.

You should use a scraper with a handle for this project.

It will be easier to clean and sharpen a scrapen when it’s just metal scrap.

A few pieces of scrap cardboard will go inside the box, as will some plastic scraps.

Cut all the cardboard scraps into triangles and cut a triangle from each of the triangles.

The square foam is the only piece that will be inside the triangle.

Fold your triangle squares over the pieces of foam.

The triangle squares will be facing you, so make sure you keep them all straight.

Use your knife to cut out the sides of the triangle pieces.

Take a pair or three of scissors and cut the triangle holes in the triangles, as described in the YouTube video.

This is your foam core: You’re now ready to put the bed together.

If all goes well, you should be able to see the foam inside the bed, along with the square edges of the bed. Now that

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