Jordan Hotel supplies Melbourne’s hottest nightspot with hot chocolate and drinks

The most exclusive Melbourne hotel has been transformed into a nightlife hotspot.

Melbourne’s Jordan Hotel has been converted into a hot spot for the weekend, with drinks and nightlife.

The hotel’s newly refurbished property is the home of The Jungle Bar, where you can find the best cocktails and cocktail specials in Melbourne’s capital.

You can also buy a bottle of the hotel’s signature vodka and wine to celebrate your birthday.

“The Jungle Bar has been so well received by the Melbourne community and we are very excited to have them in our hotel and bring them to the Jungle Bar for guests to enjoy during their stay,” the hotel said in a statement.

The Jungle bar is an underground bar that has been around for nearly a decade.

It has become a popular spot for locals to relax and get some good drinks and have some good conversations.

“They’re very popular in the Melbourne area and we’re very happy to have a place to celebrate the party,” Mr Riep said.

The Jordan Hotel, which has been a Melbourne landmark since it opened in 1989, is a popular tourist attraction and has a night life of its own.

It is located on the corner of West Street and King Street, just off the busy CBD.

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