The cheapest hotel supply suppliers in NSW

Sydney has a glut of cheap hotel accommodation, with prices hitting record highs and more than 50,000 rooms still under construction.

The Sydney Morning Herald has identified the top 20 cheapest hotel suppliers in the country, with Sydney hotels making up more than 70 per cent of the market.

Here’s what we found:The cheapest hotels are in Sydney and in the outer suburbs.

There are also several hotels on the Gold Coast, but these are typically more affordable.

This is where it gets really interesting, because it is the outer regions that are most expensive.

The most expensive hotel supply in Sydney is in the suburbs, with some $400,000 worth of rooms under construction each week.

Hotel supply is a complex industry, and some suppliers are operating on a shoestring, while others are well-funded and heavily involved in supply chain.

While some hotels are relatively new, others have been operating for decades.

The average price per room has increased significantly over the past few years, from $1,300 to $2,600, according to the Australian Hotel and Resorts Association (AHA).

This trend is not sustainable, says AHA CEO Mark Brown, and will continue to drive up prices.

There are also a number of hotel supply chains that operate in Sydney, which include hotels and motel operators, as well as accommodation and dining suppliers.

We looked at the supply chain and found a few suppliers that are growing in size and influence.

Here are some of the top 10 suppliers of hotel accommodation in Sydney:

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