The cost of a hotel stay: The cost for a night in the UK

MARTIN BROWN/FAIRFAX NZ Hotel accommodation can be expensive.

It can cost thousands of dollars to stay in a hotel, and if you don’t have a job or are a lone parent, you might not have enough money to get out of bed to do the shopping and make the appointments.

But when it comes to accommodation in the US, the cost can be much cheaper than in Australia or New Zealand.

According to hotel comparison website, a hotel in the United States costs about $3,500 for a one-night stay.

If you book through a partner, the booking can run as high as $5,200.

If the hotel stays a full night, that figure jumps to $8,800.

A one- night stay in Australia costs about the same as the US.

However, a one night stay is usually cheaper than a three-night room in a US hotel.

But a two-night Stay at Home stay in the same city in the U.S. is about $7,400, according to the hotel comparison site.

This figure is a bit lower than the $7K average one- and two-star hotel rooms in Australia and New Zealand, but it is still higher than a one and a half-star room in the hotel room industry in the country.

The cheapest two- and three-star hotels in Australia are $6,800 and $5.3K, respectively.

A three- and four-star stay in New Zealand costs $6.6K.

And a four- and five-star resort in New York is $8.6k.

A five- and six-star accommodation is $11,600.

It is likely the difference in prices for hotels in different countries are because of different visa and visa renewal requirements and/or higher costs for room amenities such as breakfast.

However if you are an American, it is a lot easier to find rooms in a room in New Jersey and in Florida than it is to find hotel rooms with identical amenities in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

A guest who stays in a three and four star hotel will normally be entitled to two rooms, with room rates ranging from $1,500 to $6K per night.

If they want to stay a full two weeks in the two states, a three star hotel can charge $4,900 a night, a four star $739, a five star $941 and a six- or seven-star $1.5 million per night, according the Australian hotel comparison agency AWH.

There are also differences in the price of rooms and services in different parts of the world.

In Australia, a room at a four or five star hotel costs about 20 per cent more than a hotel at a three or four star.

This can include breakfast and a coffee, according a report by the Australian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism.

And while in the USA, a bed and breakfast at a five- or six- star hotel is about 50 per cent less expensive than a bed in a two or three star, a six or seven star hotel, on average, costs about 70 per cent cheaper per night than a four Star hotel.

“You will find it very hard to find a room that is as comfortable as a four and five star room in Australia,” said Chris Gossage, the chief executive of hotel comparison platform HotelCompare Australia.

“It is definitely more expensive, and you will pay more for it.”

The cheapest three- or four- star rooms in the world The cheapest hotel room in Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates are two- or three-stars.

In the US the cheapest three star room is about four per cent above a two star room.

A four- or five- star room costs about 80 per cent higher in Canada than in the UAE.

In New Zealand it is the most expensive hotel room at about $2,300 per night and $4.00 per day.

“We can’t compare prices between countries, but the price difference in Australia is really significant,” Gossages said.

“If you look at all of the other factors like the availability of bedding and breakfast, the prices of amenities like breakfast, you’ll see that the cost of staying in Australia has been significantly higher.”

But the average price of a room can be quite lower than in countries like the United State.

The average cost of lodging in the city of Auckland, for example, is about 80per cent lower than a similar hotel in Singapore, according HotelCompare’s data.

A hotel in Perth, Australia, which is about a 30-minute train ride from the capital, charges about $1 per night for one night accommodation, according Airbnb.

“What we are seeing is that more people are staying in the major cities, rather than in other smaller towns and villages,” Goxi said.

That could be because the people who are staying more

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