‘This is what happens when you do nothing’: The waco siege, the siege of a hospital and a gunfight with the FBI

On April 18, 1995, in a fit of rage and frustration, a masked gunman armed with a shotgun and rifle entered a hospital in rural southwest Texas and opened fire on doctors, nurses and other staff members, killing seven and wounding nine others.

In an act of pure and senseless violence, the gunman killed himself with the aid of a gun.

The man who opened fire and died at the hospital, Timothy McVeigh, would go on to commit another mass shooting in the city of Waco the following year.

What happened to the hospital staff, including the wounded doctors and nurses?

Some, like Dr. Pauline Kien, the chief of emergency medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and Dr. John Kiefer, the director of the University Health System Medical Center in Galveston, Texas, were left for dead.

They had been attending a mass shooting seminar and were among the first to arrive.

But Kiefor’s colleagues, including Dr. Steven Gaudreau, a nurse at the time, and the hospital’s chief of surgery, Dr. David Miller, were also killed.

In a separate shooting at the UTHealth Medical Center, in Houston’s College Station, Texas hospital, one of the doctors and several nurses died, while another doctor, Dr: David Smith, died in the attack, too.

For a long time, there was no explanation for what happened.

The massacre left a trail of questions, including why the gunman opened fire in a clinic, why he chose to target doctors and other hospital employees, why the FBI did not act sooner to stop the rampage, and why the authorities had failed to prevent it.

After the mass shooting, Texas and federal authorities had a series of meetings, which included an attempt to reach out to McVeig, who was now the leader of the organization.

However, McVeige was not interested in meeting with investigators, and his associates continued to carry out the attack.

The FBI, however, became involved in the investigation, and in late 1997, McDaniel met with the agency in Houston.

After that meeting, the FBI was able to gain access to McDaniel’s computer and to documents that were relevant to the case.

After reviewing the FBI’s own files, the Bureau determined that McDaniel had been a threat to the safety of others, and McDaniel was put on the FBI ‘watch list,’ a list of people who are considered to pose a high risk of committing an act that could result in a terrorist attack.

At the time of the shooting, McDevitt was the leader and primary member of the group.

McDevill, who had become a charismatic leader of this militia, was in charge of the operation, and he also led the operation to take down the government’s attempt to seize the Branch Davidian compound.

Mcdevitt and his group had been building the compound for several months, but the government did not know about the militia’s plan until late February or early March.

When they heard about the takeover, Mcdevill’s group immediately moved in and set about clearing out the compound.

But when they reached the compound, the government ordered them to evacuate.

McVeihan’s group, meanwhile, remained at the compound and was told to keep it secure.

Mc Devitt was also aware that McVeiger was being followed and that he was under constant threat, according to a report prepared by the FBI and released by the Bureau.

As a result, Mc Devill decided to take his group into hiding.

After McDevice had escaped, McVill took his group to a local gun shop and purchased an AR-15 rifle, a semiautomatic assault weapon.

The guns were purchased legally.

Mcveigh, who is believed to have been a longtime member of McDevil’s group and who also owned the assault weapon, also took the weapons to a gun shop.

McVile, however,, was not armed and had no plans to carry them into a shootout with federal agents.

Mc Vile told the ATF that he had been waiting for his father-in-law, Robert McVice, to come to his house in Waco to buy him an assault rifle, and that McDeviller was not coming, so he drove to a house near McViehans home and purchased the rifle.

According to McVirehans mother, Marci McVilhans, who lived in the home, Mc Viliac, who owned the guns and the semiauto, was waiting outside his house.

When McDevile and McVilla were inside, Mcveil pulled out his gun and pointed it at McDeville, who then ran outside and fled the scene.

Mcvile later told police that he did not intend to

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