What you need to know about Australia’s $1 billion tourism industry

Australia is facing a new wave of tourists that are buying up hotel rooms and staying longer in their stay.

The Tourism Industry Association of Australia (TIAA) says the number of Australians staying longer at the moment has increased by 10 per cent in the past year, but that trend is expected to continue.

The association says a number of factors are contributing to this, including rising costs for hotel accommodation and the popularity of hotels and motels, which have attracted more and more people to the city.

“In addition, hotel occupancy has increased in recent years, and it is a key factor in the industry’s future growth,” TIAA’s chief executive Paul Jansen said.

According to the association, there are over 1,000 hotels in Australia.

Hotel occupancy is up, but it’s a key part of the growth storyThe increase in hotels and the number staying longer is driving demand for accommodation, according to TIAAP.

TIAAP estimates that in 2016 there were more than 7,000 accommodation units in Australia, but in 2019 that number had dropped to just over 6,000.

That trend has been driven by the growth in short term accommodation, which is now up by about 40 per cent compared to 2015, the association said.

“The hotel occupancy increase in the last year is a significant factor in this growth, as long term accommodation is being booked out, and occupancy is also increasing in some of the other accommodation categories,” Mr Jansen told ABC News Breakfast.

Mr Jansen says hotel occupancy in Australia is expected at around 3 per cent of hotel rooms in 2020.

In the same period last year, the average occupancy rate for short-term accommodation was 4.6 per cent.

There are also more people staying longer than in previous years, but the association says this is still lower than the average.

Australia has had one of the lowest occupancy rates in the world, and the growth of short-time accommodation is also slowing down, according the association.

With the rise in demand for hotel rooms, hoteliers are now spending more to stay within the price range of their guests.

A hotelier with a long-term stay in Perth has been earning a $5,000 bonus each year, even though the average rate is just $2,200, according TIA AP.

It’s a major concern for hoteliers, because they are spending more money to stay in the same room as their guests than they are making on their rooms, according Mr Jansson.

One factor contributing to hotel occupancy growth is the availability of more rooms, which are becoming harder to find in the city, according Ms Kew, the TIA Association’s managing director.

She says that the number and quality of rooms is also becoming more important in Australia’s tourism industry.

Last year, there were almost 40,000 rooms available for short stays in Perth, according a report from the hotel industry body Australia Hotel & Tourism Council (AHTC).

Hotels are becoming more popularThe rise in short-stay accommodation is helping to fuel demand for long-stay accommodations, with the association estimating that there were 1,500 hotel rooms available in Perth in 2019.

But accommodation availability is not just about rooms.

Hotel supply has also increased, with accommodation numbers growing by around 10 per to 20 per cent over the past four years, according AHTC.

Some hoteliers have been forced to reduce the number or increase the size of their rooms.

AHTC chief executive, Chris Walker, said in a statement that the growth is driven by a number the industry recognises, including higher demand for longer stay accommodation and more demand for single rooms.

“This growth in the supply of short stay accommodation has also been driven in part by demand for more rooms in the hotel and other accommodation markets,” Mr Walker said.

“Hotel accommodation demand for short stay has increased over the last few years, as well as the availability and price of longer stay, particularly as the number in hotels continues to grow.”

Mr Walker says that a number other factors are also contributing to the increase in accommodation availability.

“A number of the factors contributing to increasing hotel supply are: increasing competition, increasing hotel occupancy and the increasing popularity of accommodation as a means of accommodation, particularly in regional Australia,” Mr Scott said.

Hotels need to provide more space for customers to sit and relaxHotel guests often complain about being squeezed into small rooms, and in many cases they have complained to the hotel about being forced to sit in their rooms too long.

Hotelliers have also had to provide greater space for guests to sit.

When a guest sits in a hotel room, they have the option to either sit at the foot of the bed or on the sofa, according TOO.

They are also allowed to eat in their hotel rooms.

However, the AHTC report suggests that this is not enough for hotel guests. 

Hotel room occupancy

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