What you need to know about hotel rooms in Calgary

There are only two things that can really kill a vacation: the cold or the heat.

But the Calgary Hotel & Resort Association says it doesn’t have a problem keeping guests safe during those two extremes.

“If the temperature is low, it’s a lot easier to stay cool and dry,” said the hotel’s president and CEO Steve Zemelin.

“The temperature is usually quite high during the winter.”

In a recent survey of hotel guests, Zemeln said hotel rooms with air conditioning had a safety rating of 5 out of 10.

The Calgary Hotels Association, which operates Calgary hotels, also says that guests feel more comfortable at lower temperatures.

That could mean that guests are more likely to stay in their rooms and stay more comfortably during the day, even if the temperature drops to as low as the teens below zero degrees Celsius.

“We have guests who have had the chance to go on a very long trip,” Zemelman said.

“They know how to stay warm in the car and they know how much they enjoy staying at our hotels.”

Hotel rooms are often equipped with a fan and a heater.

The fan will help cool the rooms down and keep the temperature in the low 20s.

But it will also help keep the air conditioning off and keep temperatures in the 20s or even lower.

Zemelin said he and other hotel owners are keeping a close eye on how the heat index affects guests’ safety.

“There’s been a change in the way hotel rooms have been insulated,” he said.

Zepelin, the Calgary hotel executive, said the association will monitor the safety rating every year.

“If we find that the temperature at our resort has increased, we will adjust the rating,” he explained.

Zemselin says he doesn’t want guests to worry about temperatures outside.

“It’s just like the weather.

We’re not going to be here forever,” he joked.

But he did say that if a visitor has a cold, they shouldn’t go to the hotel because there are so many other hotels nearby.

Zemblin, however, does want to encourage guests to make sure they stay hydrated and get their daily vitamins.

He also encourages people to check in at least once a day to make certain they are getting the right dose of the vitamins they need to stay healthy.

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