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A hotel supply shortage has hit several hotels in Montreal, including Ramayan Hotel Supply.

The company says it has been working with the city’s Department of Tourism and Culture and other officials to manage supply problems, but the problems are causing delays in getting guests to the hotels, which are often full on the weekend.

A hotel supply system is designed to ensure guests can get a good night’s sleep.

It relies on staff, who must sign off on hotel supplies.

But the city has been operating without hotel supplies for months, said Hotel Supply spokeswoman Catherine Debrun.

The city said on Monday that it was unable to meet the hotel supply requirements of some hotels, including those in the city centre.

It said the department was not providing any new supplies.

The department’s supply manager, Michael DeSantis, said in an email to CBC Montreal that he was working with other agencies to help ensure the hotel system is functioning properly.

DeSantsons office confirmed he was referring to the city and hotel supply department.

It was not clear if the city would be able to find additional hotel supplies, such as the ones that are required for hotels in other cities, to meet its hotel supply needs.

The hotel supply network is also affected by a shortage of supplies for hotel guest rooms in the centre.

DeSantis said the city is “fully prepared to assist with any issues that may arise.”

The city says it is looking for additional hotel supply solutions.

It says it’s working with local and provincial government to help manage supply.