Which hotel brands will be the first to get power back?

Restaurants and bars, which typically charge a higher occupancy charge, will be allowed to use power from the hotel supply network after a court ruling Thursday, a spokesperson for the Alberta Hotel Association said.articleThe hotel association is one of four organizations that represented the hotel power suppliers in a legal battle with the provincial government over how power will be used.

It has challenged a regulation in the Alberta Utilities Commission requiring hotels to provide power from their hotel power networks to hotels.

The regulation has not been updated since it was passed in 2014.

A judge had ordered the government to provide a timeline for how hotel power will become available in hotels, including what it will cost to do so.

The hotel power network is the backbone of Alberta’s electricity supply.

It is a collection of generators and storage facilities used by hotels and other businesses to power their facilities.

The Alberta Hotel and Resort Association says the province needs to restore power to all hotels by July 15 to ensure they can function.