Which hotels in South Florida have the cheapest prices?

The best hotels in Miami are all on the cheap side, according to a new survey.

The most expensive hotel in Miami Beach is the $500,000 Atlantis at the Palmetto Club, while the most expensive in Broward County is the Holiday Inn at Wynwood.

The cheapest in Palm Beach County is an upscale Marriott at The Mirage.

The best hotel in Florida is the Hyatt Regency at Wynnetome, which can be had for $180,000 a night.

Miami Beach, Florida, is a destination for all the things a vacationer might want: a beachfront mansion, a luxurious lakefront hotel and a beachside villa.

The city is also home to a number of famous destinations like the World Trade Center, the South Pole, the Statue of Liberty, and, of course, the Wynwood Hotel.

Here are some of the best hotels, according with prices, in Miami.

The Palmette Club $500K Atlantis, The Palm Beach Hilton $500k Atlantis, Palmetten Club, $500/night, 5 star reviews The Holiday Inn $200K/night Hilton, Hyatt Plaza, $300K/day, 4 star reviews Holiday Inn Orlando $150K/room, 4star reviews The Mirage $150k/room Hilton, 4 Star reviews The Spa at the Wynnetomes $300k/night Wynnetonee, 4Star reviews The Wynwood Resort & Spa $300/night W Wynnetonese, $50/night Marriott, 4-star reviews Wynnethere, 4 Stars The Palms hotel, $550/night The Mirage, $450/night Palmetton, 4 stars The Palatine Hotel, $350/night Holiday Inn, 3 stars The Wynn, 3 Stars The Hyatt, 2 Stars The Holiday, 1 star

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