Why you might be missing the ‘big picture’ of hotels

KALBERSVILLE, Iowa — You may not know it from the outside, but the real estate business is really, really good.

And in the last couple of years, hotel supply has really been a major player.

We’re talking about a major market, the most-populated market in the United States, and we’ve seen huge growth over the last few years, particularly in the hotel business.

In 2015, we saw that total hotel supply grew by 5.4%, while total occupancy rose by 5% in 2016, and 5% more in 2017.

That’s the highest occupancy growth rate in the history of the industry.

And that’s driven by the popularity of Airbnb and other short-term rental services, especially in cities like New York and Chicago, where there are many short-time rentals available.

It’s also a big part of what’s driving the growth in hotel supply in the next couple of decades.

We’ve been seeing this for years now.

Hotel supply has always been a really good business for hotels and we’re just starting to see a lot of demand from the realtors, too.

Hotel prices have gone up, hotel occupancy has gone up.

So hotels are getting more and more expensive and they are more and better at keeping people coming back to stay.

And we’re seeing that across the country.

And I think it’s something we’ve had a really big impact on the industry over the past year.

In fact, we’ve just added two new categories of supply to the mix.

The first is hotels, which are the last of the supply-side items you’d see on the supply side of the equation.

And the other is hotel management, and I think that’s one of the most important things we’re going to see in the industry, especially with Airbnb.

The other category is hotels with guest rooms.

I think we’re starting to get into that.

There are about 25,000 hotels with at least one guest room, and they’re increasing their occupancy in every state, and those hotels are starting to come in line with the growth rate of the hotel market.

So it’s a good time for hotels to see that demand for their inventory is increasing and they need to stay in line.

So hotel supply will be a big driver of hotel growth for the next several years, as long as the demand for those properties stays strong.

And when it’s strong, it’s great for the industry and for the realty industry.

There’s a lot more growth in supply-chain supply for hotels than there is growth in demand, and that’s going to be a huge boon for both the realtor and the hotel owner.

In addition to the supply and demand, there’s a whole host of other trends that we’ll be talking about as we move forward.

And a lot is going to change in the real world over the next few years as we see the economic environment improve and real estate markets expand.

And so I think you’ll start to see hotels start to go to hotels more and they’ll start having guest rooms that are much more attractive to travelers and more comfortable.

And they’ll be much more accessible to younger people, especially as the technology advances, which is why Airbnb is so important to realtor’s and hotels.

We also see hotels looking to improve their guest experience and guest experience in their own communities and in cities around the country, which will be important going forward as well.

And as we start to think about the future, we’ll also be looking at a host of things that are going to impact the hotel industry.

So we’ll start with hotel management and we’ll talk a little bit about supply and we will look at a whole bunch of other issues, but we’re still very early in the conversation.

There will be other issues that we’re all going to have to tackle, and this is the first of those.

In the meantime, I think everyone’s going have to do their due diligence and keep an eye out for the big picture.

We’ll be discussing that in our next podcast, “Weird Things Happen in the Real Estate Industry.”

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